Thursday, March 03, 2005

Lecture: March 3rd. Blackadder "General Hospital"

In lecture today we looked at the "General Hospital" episode of the Blackadder Goes Forth series. Note, the the bye, the title's double intention.The purpose of this was multiform. First, it was part of John Mills' pedagogy to use video to expand students' experience of the material being studied. As we know from lectures, experience is a major explanantory schema for Thank Your Mother for the Rabbits. Second, the humour in Blackadder comes from the British vaudevillian tradition from which Mills' own humour (& much more in his book, hint hint) derives. Third, the resonance of WWI for Mills' book -- that being the fictional accounting of his own life -- is deep. And fourth, the episode's military hospital setting will enliven your appreciation of the same setting in Mills, which will hopefully then help you locate the passage's fictional significance.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I was late for that class last thursday. Can anyone help me and tell me what is the movie about? I have no clue at all. Why is that movie relates to mIlls' book?

Dr. S.A. Ogden said...

Check your lecture notes from last Tuesday -- particularly the discussion of page 127.