Thursday, February 03, 2005

:iPod: a Musical Blog?

One argument being made in our course is that technological revolutions in the presentation and delivery of text -- such as the Gutenberg revolution -- change fiction in substantial ways, and that the advent of blogs is one such important revolution.
Another revolution is currently underway that parallels the emerging blogosphere, and that is the iPod revolution. Some of the characteristics of blogs -- the increase in individual autonomy, capability of choice, and opportunity for social expression -- also hold in concept for iPods (& other derivative systems) which I see many of you carrying.
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  • Add comments below on the significance of iPods to the type of fiction we are studying in our course.


xcentrik9 said...

I think they're interesting and sleek little gadgets. However, they're far too trendy. It just feels like the next big fad, like Pogs, or Tamagotchi, or Pauly Shore.

In any event, I've got a Sony MiniDisc player. I love the futuristic cool appeal that comes from it. Especially when I change discs in public places, the attention hog in me is satistfied with all the curious looks.

Dr. S.A. Ogden said...

Stephen Ogden here: regarding the brand iPod -- you are right on about the trendiness. I am a big U2 fan or I would have bought a cheaper alternative with better battery performance. But the functionality is revolutionar: Bono's point was that by plugging your iPod into a stereo at a house party, you take charge of broadcasting your mix: everyone is a dj.

xcentrik9 said...

I can see Bono's point, however, by now I would chalk it up to U2 attempting to make as much as money as possible, which I've got a tonne of respect for.

After all, this is the band that garners the most money whenever they tour these days.

However, back to the iPod argument: I like sleek, sexy electronic gear, but, not when it costs so much. Of course anyone can be a DJ, but, there are cheaper and apparently far more reliable (battery-life comes to mind) options on the market.

Anonymous said...

I do agree that the iPod is getting trendy, but I am one of those Applephile fanatics so I will take a defensive stand to this post. =D

For me, the UI of the iPod far outweighs its price. It has revolutionized the way we listen to music and how we live out lives through our music. Then there was the recent release of the iPod shuffle with the slogan, "Life is Random". Very much like Wilson's motto.

Although the critcs out there are saying that this flash-based technology is five years old, the thing that they are not "seeing" is that Apple's whole marketing plan is centred around how not being able to know what the next song on your playlist is like life. Listen randomly. Live randomly.


xcentrik9 said...

I'm not a Mac fanatic, but, I like what they do with their computers and work with them very often.

I didn't know that was Mac's current ad campaign, it sounds brilliant. Somewhat contrived, but, nonetheless, brilliant.