Monday, February 14, 2005

Mid-term Essay: Assignment

This is your Mid-Term Essay assignment, detailed in the course syllabus thusly:

Mid term paper, fifteen hundred words: due March 1st in lecture. Assignment sheet will be handed out in lecture on February 15th. Emphasis will be equally on literary analysis and writing mechanics.

So, your assignment is to write a fifteen-hundred-word scholarly paper that identifies and comparatively analyses any one quality of fiction in any one work of fiction from the course reading list. Your object of comparison will be weblogs: either blogs in general or a specific blog or blogs. Your analysis must make reference to at least one of the books on Course Reserve, and the reference works must be properly listed in a bibliography. See the English Department Style Guide for assistance in this regard. You will also be well advised to consult with SFU Librarians in researching and preparing your paper.

In other words, you need to find some specific literary aspect of a course book, chapter, or short story. Although course lecture and seminars have given examples of "qualities of fiction," you will need to make your own discovery for your essay. When you settle on a quality of fiction, you should make a rough outline of its features and of ways in which they are made to function in the text. Then, using your understanding of weblogs, compare specific points of difference. Organise the points of comparison, structure your paper to develop an argument, write two or more draughts, edit for correct [grammer] grammar and logical cohesion, and submit by the due date.

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