Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Classroom Insta-messaging & Profs Blogging

Read this post from instapundit.com on students who text message in class. Be sure to follow the link there to the Ann Althouse blog. Briefly, they -- like me -- think that since WiFi makes messaging inevitable it's best to encourge the most beneficial use of it. And as I've discovered this term, blogging your course is a dream for the instructor. (The instapundit post includes a link on this topic to PrawfsBlog.)
For my part, students text messaging to each when they miss a point or don't get someting is advantageous and unobtrusive. And the fact that students can google during lecture will allow them to bust profs who bend the truth for ideology and will -- hopefully -- embolden students to raise objections.


Five Ladies said...

is the final exam in our regular classroom on saturday?

xcentrik9 said...

room 1105, yes

xcentrik9 said...

Open study group on Friday at noon, in the students' lounge (with the ping-pong tables), for all ENGL-101 students.

Friday: 12PM

Bring your notes, discussion time. Let's figure out the best plan of attack for this final. All who can make it, bring others from the class as well.

Stephen, would you mind making an official post on the blog, please?