Friday, April 01, 2005

Final Exam: Training Run

I've decided to blog a trial version of the final exam by Saturday, giving you three full days to go over it and help prepare yourself for the real thing. I'll give the answers in your seminar next week & answer any questions you may have. I'll blog it under this post title, so check back here.

- Identify the author and work of the following passage.

  • After the summing up, after the questions and answers ("O Death, where is thy sting?"), after the fusion of the large family standing together, life again became diffused and urgent; the scene which had bound them together ceased and the family dispersed. Something remained and something ended.

  • Give the definition of the following "e" words.

    • etoliated
    • ecru

    Explain the significance of the following passage in terms of the course lectures:

    • Hey Nostradamus! Did you predict that once we found the Promised Land we'd start offing each other?

    Write an essay of five hundred words on the following topic.

    • If Ethel Wilson had had the opportunity to blog, would, in your opinion, she have bothered to publish Innocent Traveller as a work of fiction? Include at least one fact of her biography from among those given in lecture in your answer.


    Anonymous said...

    Well don't I feel like an idiot.

    Anonymous said...

    Apparently I haven't been going to the lectures... or tutorials.... even though i swore i had. I can get maybe 2 of these.... One of those words isn't even a dictionary word.

    Anonymous said...

    Oh dear... I was hoping that the passages from the book would either be a bit longer or have a character in them.

    You're also right about one of those words... I can't find it in a dictionary either.

    Any chance that we can have a list of vocabulary words to study from? I thought they would only be from the tutorials.

    Anonymous said...

    I'd say the first passage was from the innocent traveller?

    I had felt fairly confident about the exam before. Now I'm not so sure.

    Anonymous said...

    Last week I wasn't really freaked about the exam but this is making me worry even more.

    Anonymous said...

    I agree with everyone above... I felt pretty confident about the course content but after checking out the "training run" I'm speechless.... so, uh, what should we focus on when studying?

    Bella_by_Barlight said...

    Ecru is a colour isn't it?

    Dr. S.A. Ogden said...

    Bingo! It's the colour of a British dessert, "Burnt Cream."