Thursday, April 14, 2005

Final Examination Preparation

Just to make sure that you are all set in the right direction as you study for the Final, let me recapitulate the points made in the last lecture of the course.
  • First & foremost, your lecture notes are the key. The framework for the questions on the Final Examination will match the framework given in lecture.
  • You will need to have read the course texts studiously & then either re-read them (ideally) or reflected studiously upon your reading notes in light of the lectures.
  • For the essay component, you will need to have formed your own opinion on the course material and texts: on the ideas and the literary devices.
  • Your own work on the relationship between blogs and Fiction will be helpful in organising your thoughts under the various pressures of the university-level Final.

In conclusion, as stated and blogged severally, faithful attendance at lecture and participation in seminars will correlate directly to success on the Final.


Anonymous said...

It might be more accurate to say the following: faithful attendance + decent memory + nerves of steel = success on the Final.

Anonymous said...

I must say the exam was not as difficult as I had imagined. Aside from the vocab section, I found that I knew what I was talking about. The selection was very fair and the exam was not too long.

I had a wonderful time taking this course and wish everyone the best in all future courses.

Have a great summer everyone!!!