Thursday, January 13, 2005

Course Syllabus

English 101: Introduction to Fiction
SFU Surrey Spring 2005

"Books, Blogs & The Terminal City.
Imag[in]ing Fiction in an e-text Age: the Vancouver Experiment"

Course Syllabus & Information

Course Texts and Reading Schedule:
Vancouver Short Stories
January 11th & 13th
January 18th & 20th
The Innocent Traveller

January 25th & 27th
February 1st & 3rd
Thank Your Mother for the Rabbits

February 8th & 10th
February 15th & 17th
Hey Nostradamus!

February 22nd & 24th
March 1st & 3rd
All Tomorrow’s Parties

March 8th & 10th
March 15th & 17th

Analysis, Review, and prep. for Group Project & Final Exam
March 22nd & 24th
March 29th & 31st,
April 5th & 7th
Final Exam

April 16th

See support material available on Library Reserve.

Assignment Deadlines: Nb. There is a 3% per day late penalty for assignments, documented medical or bereavement leave excepted.

1. Mid term paper, fifteen hundred words: due March 1st in lecture. Assignment sheet will be handed out in lecture on February 15th. Emphasis will be equally on literary analysis and writing mechanics.
2. Group e-text project: in collaboration with the Course Instructor, create a web log dedicated to one of the works from the course reading list. Groups set & assignment sheet handed out January 27th. Seminar time will be set aside throughout the term to work with the Instructor on this project
3. Individual class presentation: schedule and assignment sheet handed out in seminar. A five minute presentation expounding a short story or story chapter in ‘blog terms.
4. Final exam: 08:30 – 11:30 am, April 16th 2005. See GoSFU “View my Exam Schedule” for Room.

Course Approach

Read the material well in advance at least once, attend lectures & seminars and participate in seminar discussion, and you’re halfway to success.

Course requirement weighting:
10% Course participation
15% Seminar presentation
20% Group e-Text project
20% Mid-term paper (approx. 1500 words)
35% Final examination

Nb: “Participation requires both participation in seminar and attendance and punctuality at lecture and seminar."

Instructor Contact:

Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday,
11:30 – 12:30 in General Area across from Room 0535. Bring your coffee and discuss course matters freely. and

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