Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Opening Lecture

The first lecture gave the back-story for the course. The intention for Engl 101 is to introduce what fiction is, how it works, and, ultimately, the life-long advantages that a decent understanding of fiction provides. The lectures will accomplish this by explaining in detail how the course readings accomplish their design as excellent fiction. In seminar we will consider from time to time how our course readings are both similar to and different from the writings found in various 'blogs.

My thesis is that a web log is a form of writing which has several points of agreement with literary fiction; or, put from the other direction, the stories we will read in the course are simply superlative web logs which happen to be printed on paper.

I should make clear, by the way, that in regard to 'blogs, no technical expertise is required beyond that necessary to use 'goSFU'.

Dr. Ogden

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