Monday, January 31, 2005

Group Project

The Group project is designed to be straightforward, enjoyable, and beneficial. Each group will select a short story or chapter of a book from our course reading list and create and maintain a blog about it. A short tutorial on setting up a blog will be given by me this week and Group memberships will be set in seminar.

The grading criteria are the scope, originality, inventiveness and literary insight of the accumulated blog entries. Technical proficiency will not be graded, but of course you are free to use any mechanical technique you wish. I will publish all the Groups' blog addesses on the Course blog and you are encouraged to solicit advice & criticism from the whole class throughout the course of the semester. Open collaboration is one great strength of blogging: some scholars, for instance, post parts of articles or even books in the blogosphere for criticism and correction before publication.

Of course, I am available for expert consultation: in person during office Hours, and online most times.

Because this is a Group project, you will find that synergy will soon animate and enlived the assignment. I offer the suggestion that each Group assign responsibilities to members based on individual proficiencies and preferences. For instance, in principle, only one member need do the mechanics of posting the collaborative entries.

I will take a snapshot of of your blog on the day of the last seminar of the term and use that for grading: however I will look in regularly throughout the term as a means to, shall we say, encourage you not to leave the whole enterprise until the last minute. The experience of blogging regularly for a couple of months will, I believe, be its own benefit to you down the years.

UPDATE: Groupings & Group Blog links.

Group A: Emilie Yee, Steven Reddy, Harjit Gill, Navreet Hundal.
Group B: John Lee, Andrew Clements, Jim Huang, Karim Sohrevardi
Group C: Brent Vatne, Andrew Pope, Eric Van Wieren, Anho Sham
Group D: Andreea Fantaziu, Allison Murdoch, Lindsay Madsen, Alisha Kuntz, April Pierce

Group A: Billy Chiam, Jordan Lee, Sam Huang
Group B: Tejinder Gill, Jessica Ramsay, Connie Melsted, Daisy Chen

Group C: Enock Deer, Amar Sandhar, Amar Atwal, Sim Uppal
Group D: Sunny Sidhu, Lisa Chen, Roby Dhillon

Group A: Parnaz Kashani, Zahra Ali, Lena Kanno
Group B: Sarah Evans, Paul Brokenshire, Brittney Bogyo, Kevin Caravan
Group C: Scott Ko, Darrell Yeo, Stephanie Yin, Janet Lee.


innocent_traveller said...

Here is our team blog:

Jessica Ramsay
Daisy Chen
Connie Melsted
Tejinder Gill

xcentrik9 said...

Cluck cluck, our group of :

EMilie Yee, Harjit Gill, Navreet Hundal, Steven Reddy

has created a website named Chicken Fiction 101, to be found at :

SFU Team 2 said...

Here's the url of our blog:

Team 2 consists of Andrew C., John L., Karim, and Jim.

Jordan Lee, Sam Huang, Billy Chiam said...
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Jordan Lee, Sam Huang, Billy Chiam said...

Hi everyone! Jordan Lee, Sam Huang, and Billy Chiam here!

Our blog name is The3SfuStooges and our blogspot is located here:

Anonymous said...

Hello, we're team "RIOT":

Brittney Bogyo
Paul Brokenshire
Sarah Evans
Kevin Caravan
Kirsten Chan

Our blog can be located at:

Anonymous said...

Hello, here is the link for

Group D: Andreea Fantaziu, Allison Murdoch, Lindsay Madsen, Alisha Kuntz, April Pierce

The Dentist said...

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Amar Atwal
Sim Uppal
Enoch Deer
Amar Sandhar

Anonymous said...

Our group's blog is located here:

-Lena Kanno, Parnaz Kashani, Zahra Ali

Anonymous said...

Sorry the first link doesnt seem to work this one should:

Anonymous said...

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