Saturday, April 16, 2005

Mobile Blogging Arrives

Hard to argue with this: (via the BBC online.)

Bloggers using FoneBlog simply send text or photos to a
prescribed number and their weblog will automatically update.
The system will really come into its own as multimedia messaging and camera phones take off, said Chief Executive of NewBay Software Paddy Holahan.


Brent said...

I can't wait until text messaging is free and data doesn't cost a mint to transfer between cell phones and the web..

xcentrik9 said...

Those keeners who are constantly text messaging and whatnot must have stupid-expensive phone bills per month.

When it comes to cellular, we are eons behind Europe, even the US for that matter.

In the US, you've got companies that allow you to bank unused minutes over to the next month, free peer-to-peer call lists, higher quality cellulars.

As numerous as we think cell phones are in North America, though, it's nothing compared to some (if not most) European companies. Kids are born with cellular phones ready to go.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Japan, they were using such technology over 4 years ago.

Dr. S.A. Ogden said...

Well, Japan was text-messageing sure. And it wasn't a pretty sight, imho: teens walking the streets staring into their mobiles & pressing the text pad like lab animals....

The issue in the post however is not text messaging but mobile blogging. Now that's cool - have a blog post uploaded from you cell phone with a button-push.

xcentrik9 said...

I suppose, except it's going to look just the same as the "lab animals".

I think we're getting to the point where we are synergizing too many things into one electronic device.

We're getting eerily close to having all our work done by someone or something else.

Ruri Yusuf said...

i wanna be blogger succes hehe